The Maine Fidlar eByte: November 2016


We are proud to inform you that Sagadahoc County has reached higher performance levels with AVID powered by iNPSECT.  iNSPECT is an assisted-indexing feature that identifies key index information right on the document. Users are prompted with criteria items identified by iNSPECT, mitigating both the possibility of human error and the overall time to process the document. AVID powered by iNSPECT will keep assisting Sagadahoc County’s ability to increase the integrity and validity of the Official Public Record.



“We’ve had AVID in the office for more than a year and we’ve been using iNSPECT since September. We like it very much and we are using all of its functions as much as possible. For us, it eliminates the chance for typographical errors by 99%. Documents are immediately searchable once they are processed, before auditing is even completed. iNSPECT cuts the office’s processing time in half, since most indexable information no longer needs to be entered manually.” – Lynn Moore, Sagadahoc County Registrar