The Maine Fidlar eByte: July 2017


We are pleased to announce that the Sagadahoc County Registry of Deeds Office has completed a large-scale imaging project that has digitize documents back to 1826. Via the Media Conversion processes of Fidlar, partnered with US Imaging, Sagadahoc County will be able to ensure that they have a digital copy of their physical documents in case they are ever lost due to natural disaster or from normal wear and tear. Each original document was scanned, cleaned, named and will soon be imported back into the county’s system. By digitizing decades of the Official Public Record, County Registrar Lynn C. Moore has ensured that it will be around for many future generations and made more accessible to her constituents.



“US Imaging was on-site in early April, they filmed and scanned more than 110,000 documents in one week. They worked around the clock! I was happy to know that there were people back at their office seeing the images as they were being created, inspecting them as they were being sent. We received a drive that contained the images, some of which I’ve seen and they are beautiful. I couldn’t be more pleased with the timeframe of the project and the image quality.” – Lynn C. Moore, Sagadahoc County Registrar