The Illinois Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • Sangamon County is now live with AVID [AVID helps counties improve recording efforts and the integrity of indexes for counties across the nation.]
  • Sangamon County beyond productive in early days of AVID [In their first day with AVID, Sangamon County staff was able to process 210 documents with only 5 users.]
  • AVID provides unmatched improvements to index integrity with the help of iNSPECT [With iNSPECT, indexers no longer have to hand-type all the index data on the document. With a simple button press, validated information is put into the index, reducing the chance for human error.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight the impressive work Sangamon County is accomplishing in the early days of AVID-assisted document recording. Sangamon County is thriving with the increased utility and accessibility provided by AVID and iNSPECT. AVID provides improved ease-of-use, increased efficiency, and a push towards a paperless workflow, helping the hardworking staff of Sangamon County to step forward in modernizing their recording ecosystem.

Josh Langfelder, Sangamon County Recorder, has shown that he and his staff have no qualms with adapting to change. With what could file as a record-setting pace, Josh and his staff processed 210 documents in their first day using AVID, with only 5 users. The recording world is evolving at a remarkable pace and Josh and his office are determined to not fall behind. With the addition of iNSPECT, county staff have become data validators rather than data enterers. iNSPECT, designed internally by Fidlar Technologies developers, is an assisted-indexing system that promotes precision and accuracy. iNSPECT helps to quickly and easily improve the overall levels of accuracy in their data and integrity of their index. With additional utilities such as back indexing, imaging, and improved data entry now at their fingertips, Sangamon County is reaping the benefits sowed by AVID and iNSPECT.

In an ever-changing digital age, Josh Langfelder and his county staff have shown that they are not afraid to adapt and grow with the times. Improving accuracy and precision in recording efforts is no small feat, but the Sangamon County staff have been impressing with their level of commitment and success. AVID reduces the overall man hours, and effort, required to accomplish various document recording responsibilities, increasing the amount of work the Sangamon County office can accomplish every day. Creating a paperless workflow, AVID helps offices towards quicker turnaround times and creates a more environmentally friendly county.

“We just went live with AVID at the end of July. All new technology has a learning curve, but it’s been going well so far. AVID has sped up our entire recording process, from ‘prep’ (recording) all the way through to ‘audit’ (verify) and that alone is what makes AVID so beneficial.”
-Josh Langfelder, Sangamon County Recorder

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