The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • Sevier County experiencing success with AVID eRecording and iNSPECT [Sevier County has found noticeable success and improvements with AVID eRecording and iNSPECT.]
  • Improved workflow a benefit of the 2019 additions [AVID eRecording and iNSPECT bring unprecedented improvements to recording efforts for Sevier County.]
  • iNSPECT provides assisted-indexing technology that focuses on precision and accuracy in data [AVID eRecording, powered by iNSPECT, provides utilities that allow staff members to focus more time on verifying data rather than entering data.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Sevier County, where Circuit Clerk Kathy Smith and her staff are utilizing the tools and utilities provided by iNSPECT with impressive success. iNSPECT has helped Sevier County accomplish tasks with more accuracy, reducing the concern of human error when entering data, and expediting the entire process, improving overall turnaround times. With AVID eRecording and iNSPECT by their side, Sevier County staff members have enjoyed an improved workflow with reduced paperwork. Guaranteeing that county records and data are more accurate than ever, iNSPECT provides a service that provides ease-of-use and accessibility for counties of all shapes and sizes.

Kathy Smith, and her staff, have been putting AVID eRecording, powered by iNSPECT, through it’s paces, learning the programs more everyday. Sevier County’s overall workflow continues to improve and grow with the help of utilities like AVID’s on-demand search and iNSPECT’s assisted-indexing technology. While new technology can certainly present a learning curve, Fidlar Technologies provides support throughout the learning process and beyond, offering on-site training and continued support thereafter. Kathy and her staff in Sevier County have shown an impressive level of versatility and resolve, adapting to meet those changes head on, gaining benefits from the suite of tools that AVID brings to their county office.

Built internally by Fidlar developers, iNSPECT was designed from the ground up to handle document types and index fields handled by the Circuit Clerk’s Office. Our team of experienced programmers were able to take years of knowledge in the land records world to build an assisted-indexing product catered to our county partners. iNSPECT’s ability to help transform data entry into validation streamlines the document recording procedures immeasurably, creating an easier-to-use, easier-to-approach workflow. Sevier County perfectly highlights the quality progress counties can hope for while utilizing AVID eRecording and iNSPECT.

“We started eRecording with AVID and iNSPECT in April and it’s been going great. Our turnaround times have only improved with iNSPECT- the power it gives us speeds up our overall process. Our customers are happy to get their documents back quicker than ever!”
-Kathy Smith, Sevier County Circuit Clerk

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