• Move to AVID provides smooth transition
  • Fidlar installs, configures and trains on-site
  • 3 TIER tech support for Register’s Office
  • iNSPECT Advances Recording Accuracy

Fidlar assists each County Partner when making a complete transition to the AVID Land Records Management System throughout every step of the process. We are excited to share that Belknap County has been operational with AVID for over a year, after going live in November 2016. Project Manager Tracy Townsend was on-site to familiarize the county staff with how to best use features of AVID.

Once training was completed, Fidlar IT installed and configured the upgrade, allowing the county to quickly continue recording documents. Along with completing the software installation, Conversionist Janice Bruce worked to convert the county’s historical data to allow for consistent formatting to be applied, providing AVID users with a smoother ability to process documents.

Making the transition to AVID largely increases the support resources of the Register of Deeds Office. Fidlar Support is arranged into a 3 tier operation. Tier 1 consists of seven support specialists that provide assistance via phone call, email communication, and online chat. Tier 2 consists of four technical specialists that provide advanced technical support. Tier 3 consist of eight developers that provide the highest level of technical support. You can have peace-of-mind knowing that our specialists are experienced and have the unique ability to help with any Fidlar related issue.

With AVID in place, your office will also be able to implement iNSPECT, the assisted indexing feature. When used in processing, iNSPECT greatly increases recording accuracy while decreasing the chances of typographical error. Features such as iNSPECT, along with other major components of AVID are integrated within a singular system to maximize the recording abilities for the Register of Deeds Office.



“Belknap County went live with AVID on November 1, 2016. We worked closely with our Project Manager, Tracy Townsend. She served us well and was very dedicated to our office. We had complete confidence and continue to have confidence in all that she does on our behalf with the support team. Certain items that came up were resolved by Joe Stoughton, he was extremely helpful. I had no doubt that problems were in fact resolved once he identified the issue and initiated the fix.” – Judy McGrath, Belknap County Register of Deeds, New Hampshire