The Illinois Fidlar eByte – April 2019

  • Transition to AVID updates office technology [Clerk/Recorder’s Office advances public service with increased efficiencies of new recording software.]
  • AVID Bastion secures recorded data against all elements [The hosted-server environment provides a surefire Disaster Recovery plan to the Clerk/Recorder.]
  • Absolute back-up redundancy for recorded data [As data is processed by the office, it is stored in two separate locations ensuring full recovery if a disaster were to occur.]

We are pleased to announce that the Shelby County Clerk/Recorder’s Office has fully transitioned and is now operational with the AVID land records management system with Bastion. They will now be better prepared to integrate software upgrades and modular releases from Fidlar. Project Manager Erin Williams was onsite to fully acclimate staff with important aspects and the best practices of the AVID system.

In addition to implementing the AVID recording system, Shelby County has moved onto the BASTION hosted-server environment. With Bastion, the recording staff will process and enter documents into the official repository in the most secure manner possible. Via the hosted environment, Shelby County data will be stored and hosted with Fidlar production servers that are backed up to a secondary off-site repository. Clerk/Recorder Jessica Fox will have peace-of-mind knowing that their Official Public Record will remain secure and maintained to the highest degree.

As data is processed with AVID Bastion by a user, it is securely transferred and then stored within two separate remote locations. This infrastructure ensures a safe and effective plan in the instance that county data was ever put in harm’s way. If the primary BASTION server environment were to be jeopardized, the backup data will be utilized to get your office resuming activity quickly after an incident. AVID Bastion provides a unique ability for the Clerk/Recorder’s Office to maintain all recording function if the entire courthouse were to be affected by a disaster.

“Our transition to AVID Bastion was a great experience. The Fidlar team, particularly Erin Williams, were excellent resources for getting us trained. We worked at a pace that was both comfortable and productive for everyone in the office. The Shelby County Clerk/Recorder’s Office proudly uses AVID Bastion which will help to keep our record repository safe and will assist with advancing our workflow process. The outcome was ideal with our move to AVID and I am pleased to have updated our recording system.” – Jessica Fox, Shelby County Clerk/Recorder