The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – August 2019

  • St. Francis County switches to AVID [Seeking greater efficiency and ease of use, St. Francis County signs on for AVID with Fidlar Technologies.]
  • Installation and setup was easy with Fidlar’s assistance [St. Francis County recalls how easy setup was; With the help of Chelsea Roehm, Fidlar Technologies Project Manager, installation was a breeze.]
  • AVID continues to provide an easy-to-use interface [AVID provides next-level document recording assistance, wrapped up in a package that is accessible to all and easy to use.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature St. Francis County and the bold step the county office took towards modernizing their document recording processes. With the help of Fidlar Technologies and Chelsea Roehm, Fidlar Technologies Project Manager, St. Francis County Circuit Clerk Bette S. Green and her staff were set up and ready to roll in no time. While big changes like this may seem daunting at times, St. Francis County embraced the evolution of their recording process with open arms and minds and found immediate success.

Whenever a county signs on with Fidlar Technologies to join the AVID family, a Project Manager makes their way to visit the county to assist in the setup and installation process. Chelsea met with Bette Green, and her staff, and began the process of incorporating AVID into the St. Francis County day-to-day recording life. While AVID presents a wide array of tools and utilities, Bette and Chelsea had the system up and running, and county staff trained on the usage of the program, in no time at all. Installing and learning a new system – especially when a county makes a sizable change to their daily practices – presents a substantial learning curve. Fidlar Technologies understands this hurdle and places equal importance all forms of customer service and care, ensuring as seamless a transition process as possible.

AVID, powered by iNSPECT, is the leading assisted indexing tool in the industry. AVID provides recording utilities and tools that are easy to use and save time. With less time spent hand-keying in data, staff members will verify the information iNSPECT finds right on the document, reducing chances for human error. The many AVID tools, and a host of other useful options including imaging, back indexing, and more, make AVID the ideal program for counties looking to take a step forward in this digital age in an easy and accessible way.

“We’re just about 5 weeks into using AVID and my researchers are all very happy so far. I appreciate how easy and user friendly the search function is. We are advancing in the technological world and Fidlar was a good fit for my office!”

-Bette S. Green, St. Francis County Clerk

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