The Michigan Fidlar eByte – June 2019

  • Striving to reach optimal integrity of official records, Livingston County turns to iNSPECT [iNSPECT aids Livingston County in pushing towards their goal of a fully standardized index.]
  • iNSPECT provides assisted-indexing that increases a county’s efficiency [Assisted-indexing allows for Livingston County’s staff to locate and validate key index information in a more efficient manner.]
  • County staff becomes validators rather than data enterers [With iNSPECT, indexers no longer have to hand type all the index data on the document. With a simple button press, validated information is put into the index, reducing the chance for human error.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Livingston County, where the goal of fully standardizing their indexing is becoming more and more of a reality. Livingston County Register of Deeds, Brandon Denby, and his office have been utilizing iNSPECT to maximize the quality of their efforts and it has been paying dividends as the assisted indexing technology is currently finding 77% of everything they index across all document types. While this accuracy is an impressive feat by itself, the dedication Livingston County shows to achieving their target makes it that much more noteworthy.

As Brandon Denby works with his staff to push for optimal integrity and standardization of their indexing efforts with the help of iNSPECT, they become validators instead of data enterers. Staff who spend less time focusing on entering the data are able to spend more time and effort focusing on precision, accuracy, and efficiency while recording documents. Livingston County works with Fidlar Technologies to further improve the accuracy of their indexes, helping to achieve better results across the board.

Built internally by Fidlar developers, iNSPECT was designed from the ground up to handle document types and index fields handled by the Register of Deed’s Office. Our team of experienced programmers were able to take years of knowledge in the land records world to build an assisted-indexing product catered to our county partners. iNSPECT’s ability to help transform data entry into validation streamlines the document recording procedures immeasurably, creating an easier-to-use, easier-to-approach workflow. Livingston County succeeds in showing the nation the importance of being able to easily locate and validate key index information with iNSPECT and Fidlar Technologies.

“We are very happy with what we have accomplished with the help of iNSPECT and Fidlar Technologies. The fact that iNSPECT is discovering 77% of the information we index is something that we feel exceptionally proud of as we continue to shoot higher and higher. iNSPECT has made it easier to train new indexers and creates a more efficient workplace overall.” -Brandon Denby, Livingston County Recorder

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