The Indiana Fidlar eByte – November 2019

  • Starke County staff are already benefiting from AVID’s recording utility, only one month in.
  • AVID changes the world of recording, streamlining processes and improving integrity of indexes.

“Our indexing is so much easier with AVID and iNSPECT”

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Starke County, one of the latest counties to take bold steps forward into the world of recording with AVID. Starke County normally handles 50-70 documents a week, but on their AVID live day, the county was presented with the task of recording 40 documents – which they did so with ease and spare time remaining thanks to the help of AVID‘s recording utilities. One main draw for Starke County staff was iNSPECT and its ability to improve indexing efforts across the board. Fidlar Technologies Project Manager Alex Cole worked directly with the Starke County office, who had nothing but positive things to say about their new software and the delights of iNSPECT, claiming that they now take turns indexing so that both employees can utilize the “video game-like” software.

Graphic: Starke County joins a long list of Indiana counties now live with AVID.

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Built internally by Fidlar developers, iNSPECT was designed from the ground up to handle document types and index fields handled by the Recorder’s Office. iNSPECT‘s ability to help transform data entry into data validation streamlines the document recording procedures immeasurably, creating an easier-to-use, easier-to-approach workflow. With iNSPECT‘s Intelligent Data Recognition technology, relevant data is suggested for indexing, greatly reducing both the time required and the chance for human error while indexing manually. AVID, powered by iNSPECT, helps Starke County to achieve the great success they’re used to while improving the accuracy, precision, and integrity of their index.

“We went live with AVID near the end of October and we love it so far. Our indexing is so much easier with AVID and iNSPECT, and we’re glad we made the switch.”
-Mandy Thomason, Starke County Recorder

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