The Indiana Fidlar eByte: January 2016


We are proud to announce that the Marion County Recorder’s Office is returning recorded documents to their constituents with Swift! Swift is a module that is integrated with our AVID land records management software. Once a paper document is fully processed, it is returned to the submitter digitally via email as a PDF, saving the involved parties both time and resources.


Additionally, Swift allows the Recorder’s Office to help their customers be compliant with the new TRID regulations. Swift provides timely notification of a document being fully recorded and provides users with the powerful ability to track a document’s status.


eByteMarionINSwift allows our customers to get their recorded documents returned to them with the click of a mouse! Customers appreciate the speed of which their documents are returned and they find the PDF image to be very helpful. We anticipate an even greater number of our customers will opt for Swift, which will allow our office staff to spend time recording instead of returning! Swift is a win-win for Recorders and our customers – thank you for the innovation!” – Kate Sweeney-Bell, Marion County Recorder