The Minnesota Fidlar eByte: February 2016


We are excited to announce that Meeker County has started managing Torrens certificates with Torrens Certificate Management (TCM) softwareTCM is a module that integrates with the AVID land records management software solution to transfer information and images seamlessly between systems.  The module enhances the traditional means of the system by incorporating automated functions. With TCM, users can manage all certificate types from start to finish and be sure that they are compliant with Minnesota Torrens rules and statutes.




“Once we have completed our back-indexing processes, TCM will enable us to streamline the process it takes to issue and memorialize certificates. I think it will save us a great deal of time, and will provide us with the means to work in a more paperless environment. It will also be great to have the certificates in digital form so that they can be viewed and used by our remote access searchers. While being trained on the functions of TCM, I knew it was going to be advantageous to use within our office.” – Christine Paul, Meeker County Recorder