The Minnesota Fidlar eByte December 2018

TCM Manages All Torrens Certificate Types

  • Torrens module fully integrated with recording system
  • Standardized digital workflow for Torrens processing
  • Optionally enables remote searching for certificates

Fidlar Technologies is pleased to offer unique software solutions to the Recorder’s Office – with an intention of innovating and streamlining office practices. For this reason – we are excited to offer Torrens Certificate Management (TCM) software. TCM is a module that integrates with the AVID land records management system, to transfer information and images seamlessly between systems. With TCM, the Recorder’s Office can manage all Torrens Certificate types from start to finish.


TCM enhances the Recorder’s Office abilities to issue Torrens Certificates and memorialize documents through automated functionality. The traditional Torrens process is replaced with a digital workflow – which greatly reduces the possibility of erroneous data entry. In addition to reducing error – the digital workflow of TCM reduces paper shuffle and automates the repetitive work of the traditional process. For the user, the new workflow streamlines the means of statute correct certificate creation, maintaining legal descriptions and memorials.

TCM provides every Recorder’s Office with a standardization of processing function; which allows the users to perform tasks relating to Torrens in the exact same manner on a recurring basis. In addition to making Torrens processing easier for the Recorder’s Office, TCM increases the searchability of Torrens Certificates for the constituent. Optionally, remote searchers are able to find Torrens Certificates online via our remote access products Laredo & Tapestry.

“We were a pilot county leading up to TCM’s release, and from the outset Pope County has benefitted from having the module. TCM has positively fulfilled its purpose for our office – it comes in so handy. Being able to pick and choose which entries you want transferred to a new certificate makes things simpler and reduces the chance for entry error – TCM is very user-friendly. Additionally, we have always had great support when using it!” – Barb Tamte, Pope County Recorder/Registrar of Titles