The Fidlar Akansas eByte, December 2015

Last month marked the User Group Meeting for all Arkansas Fidlar Partners. County officials met with Jessica Rathje, Territory Manager and Mark Lystiuk, Partnership Relationship Manager to discuss this year’s progression along with future plans for their offices and as well as the role that Fidlar will assume. Officials were given an overview of software updates, new products and services, as well as being presented with more information about the new CFPB regulations. The meeting was successful and those in attendance were given deeper insight into what benefits they have access to being a Fidlar Partner.


“Since current events and issues are addressed and discussed each year, the meetings stay more than relevant for myself as well as my peers. Although the meeting is hosted by Fidlar, it really is an open platform when it comes to particieByteARUNIONpation and conversations that go on. The meeting almost always prompts county to county communication which allows for that needed dialogue when it comes to comparing office practices. I’ve always felt that there is great value in attending each of the Fidlar User Group Meeting.” Cheryl Cochran-Wilson, Union County Circuit Clerk