The Fidlar Ohio eByte, December 2015

We are pleased to announce Lake County will be performing a large-scale imaging project that will digitize documents back to 1986. Lake County is taking steps forward to ensure that their county history is preserved. In addition, they are now going to allow that history to be more accessible to the public in the future. By going through the digitization process, counties are able to keep their records from deteriorating any further from the condition they are currently in. The Official Public Record is strengthen further once it becomes infused with modern practices, methods, and technologies.



“We heByteLakeOHave decided to move forward on this project with Fidlar because of our enduring partnership. The completion of this imaging project will provide numerous benefits to Lake County and our constituents. Since our recorded documents are being digitized, it will reduce the wear and tear on our original records. I am so delighted that a larger number of said documents will be easily accessible within our database!” – Ann Radcliffe, Lake County Recorder