The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – August 2018

Superior Recording Workflow via AVID Solution

  • AVID solution improves office workflow
  • On-site workflow assessment and consultation
  • Fidlar conversion process cleans and enhances data
  • iNSPECT advances recording accuracy

Once a Register of Deeds office has elected to transition to Fidlar’s AVID land records management system, they enter into a process that results with their office being better prepared to accept eRecordings, reduce paper shuffle and improve the efficiency and integrity of their document recording.

Initially, a Fidlar Project Manager will travel on-site to perform a workflow evaluation. Performing this task allows our specialists to determine the workflow they feel would best suit the office. The Project Manager then offers consultation to the official via proposed workflow presentation. With a determined workflow, training is performed to properly acclimate county staff with important aspects of the AVID recording system.

Fidlar Project Managers and Conversionist work in tandem when transitioning a county. The assigned Conversionist will analyze and convert all existing digitized images and data for land and vital records to ensure a flawless import into the Fidlar system. This occurs after the Conversionist has taken necessary steps to format county data in a more consistent manner for the AVID workflow. Once this step is completed, a deliverable is provided to the county to highlight areas that could be improved. The analysis is provided to an office as to ensure that all historical data remains accurate.

With the AVID solution in place, the Register of Deeds Office will be able to utilize assisted indexing via iNSPECT. When used during document indexing, iNSPECT assisted indexing allows users to select the highlighted text to be indexed which greatly increases recording accuracy while decreasing the chances of typographical error. Features such as iNSPECT along with other major components of AVID are integrated within a singular system to maximize the recording abilities for the Register of Deeds Office.



“When choosing to move Barron County onto AVID, we were happy to receive workflow consultation and ample software training for the staff members. Overall, I think it was a very smooth change and we went at a comfortable pace. As a result of going to AVID, the office is processing documents with shorter timelines and stronger ability. The Fidlar process works and the design for taking a county live is ideal.” – Margo Katterhagen, Barron County Register of Deeds