The Indiana Fidlar eByte, December 2015

This month, Vanderburgh County Chief Deputy, Shannon Edwards, successfully launched a major campaign to promote the Recorder’s Office and services it provides to the community, particularly Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards. By promoting to both the public sectors and private sectors, Shannon expects a greater reach, which, will yield a substantially larger response from constituents. Both Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards are important and great services to provide to the community and we applaud Shannon and Vanderburgh County for getting the word out.


“I mapped out places, events and times to be present to speak, educate, and enroll veterans and citizens for these services. Raising awareness of Property Fraud Alert and Honor Rewards throughout the public and private sectors will prove what the Recorders Office is capable of doing for the community. Not always does a message reach those who need to hear it most, and by taking things to a grassroots level we’re doing our best to promote these excellent services to the highest degree.” – Shannon Edwards, Vanderburgh County Chief Deputy