The Kansas Fidlar eByte, December 2015

In May 2014, Kansas Register of Deeds Offices were affected by the passing of House Bill 2643. The bill’s purpose was to establish new submitter fees and charges to documents being submitted to those offices. Changes in these costs were made as to counteract lost revenue within the state. Additionally, legislation around the bill instated an annual adjustment to these costs through 2019. Fidlar knows how important it is for partners to make sure that all changes are accounted for and that fee amounts and fund distribution are done quickly, with 100% accuracy. The Fidlar production team accomplished this with great success.


“Since the passing of Bill 2643, Jefferson County had to be sure we were being compliant with the legislation. Now, we’re ready again for the changes that are going to come on January 1st, 2016. Thankfully we are able to rely on the Fidlar production team, they are there to help take the correct steps before hand to keep us on a smooth course. Jefferson County is able to sustain day-to-day workflow and embrace the change that come along a bit better with assistance from Fidlar. “ – Delia Heston, Jefferson County Register of Deeds