The Minnesota Fidlar eByte: January 2017

We are pleased to inform you that the Murray County Recorder’s Office has increased constituents’ ability to search their Official Public Record by integrating Laredo/Tapestry. Implemented in December of last year, Laredo/Tapestry enables the Murray County searchers to securely retrieve documents conveniently from their own workplace. Depending on the searcher’s needs, they will be able to utilize either the subscription-based Laredo or the pay-as-you-go, web-based Tapestry. Whichever option is selected, Laredo/Tapestry will allow searchers to access Murray County’s records with convenient 24 X 7 access. Adopting these practices and services allows all land recording offices to stay current and remain a vital component of the document recording industry.



Laredo/Tapestry is a win-win for both our searchers and the office. With these services in place, transactions become more efficient. Now, we’re able to focus more on increasing our data’s integrity; searchers can access the documents they require on their own time. In my previous job, I used both Laredo and Tapestry to complete searches. One of the biggest benefits I found was having the ability to search on my own time, rather than the courthouse’s time. Having that access to courthouse records from my work computer not only saved me miles on the road, but also made me more efficient because I could access records 24 hours a day.” – Karen Brown, Murray County Deputy Recorder