The Missouri Fidlar eByte, December 2015

Last month, Fidlar Technologies held our first annual Fidlar College of Recording Arts. The College is unique in that it was designed primarily for county staff members and new officials to educate them on our software and learn about the office’s role in their community. Attendees were able to workshop and train with our land recording management software AVID, along with modules such as  Swift, Anchor, & Iris, and learn best practices for remote access products and community outreach services. The event was a huge success with great feedback and plans are already being made for 2016’s event.


“A deputy and I attended the College and we both learned a lot while being there. Franklin County has been using AVID eByteHeadshotFranklinMOsince 2009 and Laredo/Tapestry for more than ten years. We learned new ways to work within all the programs. In Laredo, we now know to click and drag categories to return group indexes. For Tapestry, we now know to advise occasional customers to use Internet Explorer 6 or newer to get the best results when searching. Both of us were glad to have attended. Fidlar was very thorough presenting their information!” – Jennifer Metcalf, Franklin County Recorder of Deeds