The Ohio Fidlar eByte – January 2019

  • Smooth new year transition
  • Unique 3-tier support operation
  • Specialized technical support

At the close of each year, groundwork in every Recorder’s Office needs performed to prepare for the next. That is why Fidlar Support works to ensure that every County Partner will be fully operational upon entering their offices to start the New Year. Through the collaborative efforts of each County Partner and the Fidlar Support team, the necessary changes were put in place to allow for an effortless transition into 2019.

Fidlar Support is arranged into a 3-tier operation. Tier 1 consists of eight support specialists that provide assistance via phone call, email communication, and online chat. Tier 2 consists of four technical specialists that provide advanced technical support. Tier 3 consist of nine developers that provide the highest level of technical support. If a high-level technical issue were to arise in your office, the Support team are able to closely communicate with the Development team, assuring a sound and complete resolution to your office.

Providing support that is accessible and responsive is essential to every partnership, which is why every Fidlar County Partner can have peace-of-mind knowing that our specialists possess a unique ability to help with any Fidlar related issue. We pride ourselves with our knowledge, experience and understanding of the land recording industry.

“This was our first “new year” with Fidlar and we couldn’t believe there was literally nothing we had to do on our end. Previously, we did lots of manual work to process document images for microfilm and to start each new year at zero. For 2019, Fidlar asked us to advise what document numbers, if any, that we wanted changed. I gave my response via email and it was done. We came in on January 2nd and were ready to run!” – Cecilia A. Parsons, Defiance County Recorder