The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – July 2018

Clay County Distributes Image/Data with Monarch

  • Secure distribution of image/data
  • Enhances availability of data to public
  • Documents obtainable On-Demand
  • Postage and travel expenses eliminated

Fidlar is pleased to offer services and tools that broaden the services made available to constituents by the Recorder’s Office. One service in particular, Monarch, serves to securely distribute bulk image and data from the Recorder’s Office repository directly into the system of a subscribed user with complete automation.

Monarch eliminates the traditional process of data and image delivery. The automated transfer provides a hands-free experience for your office and the subscriber. Time consuming processes like burning CDs, downloading data to an external hard drive, or uploading to FTP sites are no longer necessary to provide data to customers. By offering a service such as Monarch, the Recorder’s Office can offer an additional service that eliminates the typical expenses of postage and travel.

Additionally, Monarch is configurable as to allow a subscriber to receive uniquely designated information based on dates, document types, index data or images, and more. An “On-Demand” Monarch user can obtain key documentation from the Recorder’s Office whenever they require it while still maintaining that the Recorder’s Office is the true keeper of the Official Public Record.



“With Monarch, distributing large amounts of images and data is incredibly easy. The process is simple, a customer subscribes to the service and they automatically receive images and data from us directly to their office. It doesn’t require any extra steps from us and my customers can get what they need in a quick and easy manner.” – Kimberly S. Savageau, Clay County Recorder