The Maine Fidlar eByte – September 2018

Fidlar Technologies Privately Held – NOT FOR SALE

  • Privately Owned for 164 Years – NOT FOR SALE
  • History of innovation exclusively to the Register’s Office
  • Fidlar helps promote the importance of the Register
  • Committed to the mission of the Register

Throughout Fidlar’s existence, we have worked closely with county government. In particular, we have forged a strong and trusted bond with the Register Of Deeds Office. Year after year, Fidlar has delivered solutions that were not only effective, but innovative for land recording processes.

We understand the importance of what you do and how it affects your community and local economy, which is why we strive to create solutions that exceed your constituents’ needs every day. Our direct initiative is to promote the vast importance of the recording office.

With over 250 County Partners and thousands of remote search users, our dedication to the Register’s Office is unwavering. We promise that the partner relationships and quality of services that Fidlar has been known for will continue to exceed our partners’ expectations into the foreseeable future.

We are an established, stable and privately owned software vendor exclusively dedicated to the Clerk/Recorder’s Office. The company remains committed to the mission of the Register’s Office and we dedicate every resource towards supporting and improving the software and services we offer without distraction. Fidlar Technologies is not for sale.



“Sagadahoc County has been very pleased with the service Fidlar provides to our office. The tools they offer are wonderful – it is evident that the company has strong ties to the Register of Deeds Office and it shows in the tools they provide. I greatly value our partnership with Fidlar – as I feel they strongly believe in the importance of the public record and those who oversee it.” – Lynn Moore, Sagadahoc County Registrar