The Illinois Fidlar eByte – July 2018

Shelby County Enters Lifecycle Partnership with Fidlar

  • LifeCycle Maximizes Recording Software Value
  • Upgrade software as it becomes available
  • Fidlar installs, configures and trains on-site
  • Additional module tools available at no cost

We are pleased to share that the Shelby County Clerk/Recorder’s Office has entered into a Lifecycle partnership with Fidlar Technologies. As software becomes outdated, it can become challenging and costly to maintain within an office which is why Fidlar offers the Lifecycle partnership option. Lifecycle provides that offices are able to access current recording tools along with complete recording systems in a manner that is affordable for most county budgets.

As recording practices and trends shift within the market, new tools and services are necessary to meet the demand of those changes. That is why Fidlar’s Development Team works in-house to upgrade and improve upon existing products while actively developing tools to be utilized with future releases. Through the Lifecycle partnership, County Clerk/Recorder’s Offices are able to implement current and all future software releases without additional cost.

Additionally, Lifecycle provides that Fidlar will facilitate the complete installation and training of our products. We ensure that every office will be best prepared to integrate software upgrades and modular releases from Fidlar. Our Project Managers travel on-site to provide in-person training to properly acclimate county staff with important aspects of the recording system’s software. Once training is complete, Fidlar IT then installs and configures system settings.

Through the Lifecycle Partnership, counties are able implement brand new software such as Anchor, Iris, SWIFT, and iNSPECT into their land recording system without additional cost. These modules add valuable new features to their office like the ability to eReturn documents with SWIFT, adding more functionality to their remote searchers with Iris, and making use of our in-house assisted indexing technology with iNSPECT. Non-LifeCycle customers pay to implement each of these items.



”Our partnership with Fidlar has a great foundation and I feel they’ve always kept the best interest of the Clerk/Recorder in mind. Through Lifecycle, Shelby County can keep improving office technology and the value provided in our service to the public. Fidlar continues to provide exceptional recording products and product support – so we’ll be happy to have the option to upgrade when that time comes.” – Jessica Fox, Shelby County Clerk/Recorder