The Kansas Fidlar eByte – February 2019

  • Property fraud remains a common crime [Fraudsters continue preying on property owners throughout the country]
  • Property Fraud Alert as an essential service [Constituent interest is protected when monitored by alert service]
  • Service without cost to constituent [Free activation for the subscriber which monitors all recorded activity]

The white-collar crime of mortgage fraud is still prevalent within the United States. Criminals continue finding creative ways to commit these crimes as they continue to record fraudulent documents to gain wrongful ownership of your constituents’ property. In Fall 2018, an inmate serving a life sentence filed four fraudulent quitclaim deeds with the Sedgwick County Register of Deeds Office in Wichita, KS. This action was taken by the individual while being incarcerated, which shows how easily the crime can be perpetrated by a willing offender.

By implementing Property Fraud Alert (PFA) within your office, the subscribed constituent will be notified any time there is a document recorded with their name as a party. PFA is a proactive service that gives property owners an advantageous position against fraudsters. Whenever there is recording activity associated with their name, whether it be a fraudulent deed, a lien on their property, or a legitimate document – PFA provides a prompt notification to the subscriber. This notification provides the lawful owner the opportunity to take the appropriate action if necessary.

Property Fraud Alert gives property owners the beneficial advantage of early notification. This community outreach service was designed to assist the ROD office to keep the best interests of every constituent in mind. Additionally, the service offered to the constituent without cost – PFA is made available for free through the Register of Deeds Office.

Property Fraud Alert allows our subscribers in Crawford County to stay updated anytime their name is recorded in our office. This way, a PFA subscriber can get notification from us and determine if the activity is legitimate or not. Property fraud is common and has been for some time, and through PFA we can help the constituent to always know what is happening with their property.” – Sandy Casey, Crawford County Register of Deeds

“Lyon County proudly offers Property Fraud Alert to better protect the interests of our constituents. Criminal activity of this kind is now commonplace, so offering a notification like PFA is essential. We want to keep Lyon County informed at all times over activity involving their property. With PFA, we can do just that!” – Wendy Weiss, Lyon County Register of Deeds