The Indiana Fidlar eByte: February 2016


We are proud to inform you that the Tippecanoe County Recorder’s Office has seen a strong and steady increase of eRecording! With a 5% hike in the number of documents that were eRecorded in 2015, Tippecanoe County is now seeing 35% of all submissions coming in as eRecorded documents.
By accepting eRecorded documents, an office can offer their constituents current and advanced processing methods that are becoming more and more necessary within the industry. eRecording diminishes the delays and costs involved with mailing or hand delivering the same documents for recording.

eByteINTip“2011 was Tippecanoe’s first full year with eRecording. Each year since our switch, we’ve seen a definite increase in the percentages of documents that were processed as eRecordings. In 2011, 5% of our processed documents were eRecorded. For 2015, the number of processed documents that were eRecorded has risen to 35%! I’m very glad to see the increase as it is a definite indicator that methods and practices are changing, and that Recorder’s Offices are the facilitators of those changes. It also saves constituents and my office time and money.” – Shannon Withers, Tippecanoe County Recorder