The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: August 2017


Fidlar is proud to offer tools that are essential to the land document recording industry. Services like the subscription-based Laredo  and the online-based Tapestry are developed to maximize the user experience. This means providing enhanced-access to the user which allows for documents to be retrieved quickly and securely by searchers, conveniently in their own workplace. In addition to offering 24 x7 access to public records, Laredo and Tapestry generate additional revenue for the county while mitigating valuable staff time.

Throughout the remainder of the year and into early 2018, Fidlar will be upgrading counties with Laredo Desktop. The upgrade includes multiple new features that enhance the user’s ability to perform advanced searches for documents. Customizable features such as Saved Search will give direct notification to the searcher via email or text of newly recorded documents. IRIS, now available directly to the external user, gives the ability to create custom search lists for Party Names & Subdivisions. Along with these enhancements, Laredo Anywhere serves as a companion service that provides mobile search capability on popular mobile devices.



“As a subscribed user in twelve counties throughout the state, I find Laredo to be very useful to perform my daily searches. Having the service available directly to us in our office is invaluable. We don’t have to travel to do the searching on-site in the courthouses. It’s straightforward and dependable which makes using the service very easy – it saves us a lot of time and resources.” – Subscribed Laredo User in Arkansas