The Kansas Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • User Group Meeting wraps up in Kansas [Held in Kansas City, within Wyandotte County, the Kansas User Group Meeting covered an array of informational topics.]
  • Attendance at the Kansas User Group Meeting Nears 100% [Nearly every one of Fidlar Technologies’ Kansas Partners was in attendance for this User Group Meeting.]
  • User Group Meetings are valuable opportunities to learn and share [As counties from across Kansas came together to discuss important topics, the value of User Group Meetings was once again on display.]

Fidlar Technologies is eager to share the success of the recent Kansas User Group Meeting that took place in Kansas City, Kansas. As almost all of the Fidlar Technologies Kansas Partner counties from across the state came together, important topics were discussed and valuable information was shared. User Group Meetings provide immeasurable value to those in attendance, shedding light on common practices and new ideas alike. Lead by Fidlar Technologies staff, the User Group Meetings are educational and informational with a sprinkling of food and fun on top.

User Group Meetings, held annually, are a great opportunity for partner counties in each state to learn and to share, and to bring valuable information back to benefit their county. While the Meeting is conducted by Fidlar Technologies staff, a sharing of tips, tricks, and general information occurs, providing even more value to those in attendance. With the opportunity to not only learn from Fidlar Technologies, but to learn from neighboring counties, attendees gain valuable insight into how things can change for the better for their office and their county constituents.

The 2019 Kansas User Group Meeting was a smashing success with nearly every one of the Fidlar Technologies Kansas Partner Counties in attendance. Attendees, like Lyon County Register of Deeds Wendy Weiss, explored an array of topics and left happy and more well-informed. Wendy appreciated the variety of topics and the openness Mark Lystiuk, Fidlar Technologies Kansas Partner Relationship Manager, demonstrated when it came to fielding questions from those in attendance. While a healthy portion of the meeting was focused on the agenda laid out ahead of time, the conversations often expanded to question-and-answer segments covering more information in ways more personal to the county partners in attendance. Fidlar Technologies encourages attendance of the User Group Meetings in each state so as to strengthen connections, create new ones, and share information across county lines.

“The Fidlar User Group Meeting was handled very well. Mark did a really good job presenting the various topics that we discussed, and he was very attentive and open to listening to us. This was the second User Group Meeting I’ve attended, and I’d definitely recommend that counties in any state attend these when they can!”
-Wendy Weiss, Lyon County Register of Deeds

Want to learn more about User Group Meetings and when you can attend the next one? Contact Al Vital at for additional information.