The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – November 2019

  • User Group Meetings bring counties from across the state together to learn and share ideas.
  • Round table discussions joined conversations about PINtegrity, crowdForce, AVID, and more.

“It’s good to know we can rely on Fidlar Technologies”

Fidlar Technologies is eager to share the success of the October 2019 Minnesota User Group Meeting, featuring 18 counties from across the state who came together to share knowledge and learn from each other and from Fidlar Technologies. Many important topics were covered by Fidlar Technologies Vice-President of Sales, Scott Moore, Minnesota Partner Relationship Manager Raquel Posateri, and Project Manager Erin Williams. These topics covered areas including AVID, PINtegrity processes, cyber security, crowdForce, and more. In an open, round table discussion session, attendees were able to share their own experiences and knowledge with each other – one of the highlights of the meeting.

Graphic: A long list of Minnesota counties attended the Minnesota User Group Meeting in October 2019.

Interested in learning more about User Group Meetings, or when the next one may be taking place? Contact Raquel Posateri.

The meeting’s primary focus was on Balancing & Reports, an educational session provided by Fidlar Technologies’ Project Manager Erin Williams. This session covered many valuable points of discussion and asked the counties in attendance important questions like, “Do you accept documents that have been ‘Whited-Out’?” and “What reports do you use to balance, and how often do you balance?”, expanding on those areas and many others. As the meeting progressed, Minnesota officials were able to ask questions, share their own knowledge, and speak, in person, with Fidlar Technologies staff. The meeting closed out with AVID processes, updates on product upgrades, and APEX, Fidlar Technologies’ newest vitals recording software. User Group Meetings are hosted annually by Fidlar Technologies and present an excellent opportunity to connect with neighboring counties and the Fidlar Technologies staff.

“The Minnesota User Group Meeting was very informational and helpful. It’s always good to learn more about what’s happening in the recording world and in Minnesota! It’s good to know we can rely on Fidlar Technologies and the software we use every day.”
-Sarah Green, Pope County Recorder