The Ohio Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • With 10 counties in attendance, Ohio User Group Meeting was a success [10 Ohio Counties came together to discuss important recording topics, marking another Ohio User Group Meeting as a success.]
  • Ohio User Group Meeting covered an array of topics [Attendees discussed the importance of your records, tips for AVID, how to promote your office to your community, and more.]
  • User Group Meetings are valuable opportunities to learn and share [As counties from across Ohio came together to discuss important topics, the value of User Group Meetings was once again on display.]

Fidlar Technologies is eager to share the success of the recent Ohio User Group Meeting that took place in Columbus, Ohio earlier this month. As 10 counties from across the state came together, important topics were discussed and valuable information was shared. User Group Meetings provide immeasurable value to those in attendance, shedding light on common practices and new ideas alike. Lead by Fidlar Technologies staff, the User Group Meetings are educational and informational with a sprinkling of food and fun on top. Partner counties in each state are encouraged to attend, to learn and to share, and to bring valuable information back to benefit each county.

The Ohio User Group Meeting, held earlier this month in Columbus, covered a wide array of valuable topics. With the goal of county representatives leaving feeling fulfilled and informed, Fidlar Technologies’ own Greg Sullivan lead the meeting, guiding attendees through various topics. Beginning with a general overview of eRecording and what it offers counties, the meeting then transitioned into useful tips for operating AVID. Attendees then explored the value of Replication, Bastion, and how important improved security is for county offices. Members of the audience then examined online options for county data and images, covering avenues that would help counties stay technologically modern.

Fidlar Technologies works with counties to regularly promote the importance and value of your office and your records. The meeting then covered helpful tips on how to better help your community understand what your office provides. County records, and the officials and staff who manage them, represent an increasingly-important commodity in an evolving technological age. The recording world has seen new means of recording develop, and emerging entities changing how aspects of the field operate. It is more important than ever that your community knows the value you and your staff provide, and Fidlar Technologies aims to help deliver that message.

“This was the first user group meeting I’ve attended, and I learned a lot. It was very interesting learning about the reports other counties use and the experiences they shared. I will definitely go again!”

-Cecilia Parsons, Defiance County Recorder

Want to learn more about User Group Meetings and when you can attend the next one? Contact Greg Bachman at for additional information.