The Illinois Fidlar eByte: April 2016


Fidlar would like to commend the Vermilion County Recorder’s Office for protecting their constituents’ best interests by offering Property Fraud Alert and instating an ordinance to further investigate suspicious documents. Vermilion County Recorder David Stone implemented Property Fraud Alert, a service that will prompt property owners with early notification of possible fraudulent activity being attempted on their property within the county. In an effort to strengthen the defense against this crime, an ordinance was passed that grants special power to the Recorder to single out submitted documents that may have been recorded with false information.


“The duties of the Recorder’s office must be upheld, so it was crucial for an ordinance of this nature to be passed in our county. If a document is fully processed into the public record that clouds an owner’s title, it takes a large amount of time and money from the owner to rectify the damages. The ordinance grants the power to move a suspect document into the circuit court to be judged. If it is deemed fraudulent, this can prevent from further damages being made against the owner’s property. I’m hopeful that the ordinance along with the Property Fraud Alert service will establish the Recorder’s office as a major deterrent against fraud.” – David Stone, Vermilion County Recorder