The Ohio Fidlar eByte: January 2016

We are proud to inform you that Warren County has reached higher performance levels with AVID. AVID provides users with better methods that allow for faster transactions, reduced paper shuffle and improvements on the integrity of Warren County’s recording services. Additionally, enhanced features like integrated document imaging mitigates the need for third party vendors. AVID completes a vast array of powerful functions that were developed specifically with the Recorder’s needs in mind.



eByteWarrenOH“With AVID, we are able to complete a transaction with just three processing stages and make a complete turnaround within twenty-four hours! When plans to make the switch began, my staff had anxieties about that switch and having to learn a new software. We’d planned a week-long training period to get everyone comfortable with AVID, I’d even considered lengthening that timeframe by two additional weeks. Within the first three days of that initial training week, my staff were confident, comfortable and ready to move forward with AVID.” – Linda Oda, Warren County Recorder