The Indiana Fidlar eByte – February 2019

  • Transition to AVID updates office technology [Recorder’s Office advances public service with increased efficiencies of software workflow]
  • iNSPECT Advances Recording Accuracy [Indexing feature greatly reduces human error while increasing processing efficiencies]
  • Technical support via phone, email and chat [Our in-house Support team is available to support our County Partners through multiple convenient channels]
  • LifeCycle Partnership maximizes software value [LifeCycle provides access to current technology and software through affordable means]

We are pleased to announce that the Jasper County Recorder’s Office has fully transitioned and is now operational with the AVID land records management system. They will now be better prepared to integrate software upgrades and modular releases from Fidlar. Project Manager Connie Argo was onsite to fully acclimate staff with important aspects and best practices of the AVID system.

Additionally, office staff implemented iNSPECT, Fidlar’s assisted indexing feature. When used in processing, iNSPECT greatly increases recording accuracy while decreasing the chances of typographical error. Features such as iNSPECT, along with other major components of AVID are integrated within a singular system to maximize the processing abilities of the Recorder’s Office.

Fidlar strives to provide superior technical support to County Partners that utilize AVID. The Support team is made available through a variety of convenient communication channels: phone call, email or online chat. Our experienced support specialists are dedicated to assisting with any requests the Recorder’s Office may have. The specialist team is on-site, providing the ability to assist in real-time during operating hours.

Jasper County was able to take advantage of their LifeCycle Partnership to make their transition to AVID. With LifeCycle, these offices were able to make the switch to a completely new, upgraded recording system without additional cost. Valuable upgrades and new modular software such as Anchor, Iris, SWIFT, and iNSPECT are also free for implementation as soon as they are released. Non-LifeCycle customers pay to implement each of these items.

“The Jasper County Recorder’s Office has been using AVID since last November and we are pleased with how it performs. Connie Argo, our Project Manager, was wonderful to work with and the training she provided was very helpful. We are able to work through our documents in ways that are quick and easy. The overall support that we received from Fidlar through this transition has been great!” – Beth Warren, Jasper County Recorder