The Michigan Fidlar eByte – October 2018

Recording Software Value Increases Throughout Partnership

  • Fidlar consistently delivers synergistic products
  • Routine upgrades to existing software
  • LifeCycle Maximizes Recording Software Value

Fidlar is proud to offer tools that are essential to the land document recording industry. We have worked closely with the Register of Deeds Office, close enough to understand the need for effective and innovative resources. Our dedication is to continue providing tools to the Register’s Office that assist with completing tasks and services in ways that are faster, stronger and better. The timeline below illustrates the different services we’ve provided to County Partners through the last five years. (shown below)

Fidlar actively maintains existing products to provide improved functionality to our County Partner users. Our dedicated, in-house Development Team work to provide improvements to our premier land recording software system, AVID, Powered by iNSPECT, the assisted indexing feature. Fidlar can assist with increasing the abilities of every user. Additional functionality and services like parcel management, data normalization, electronic return of paper documents and application hosting services advance the recording process to be more accurate and efficient.

Fidlar’s Lifecycle pricing program provides technology obsolescence insurance. Lifecycle includes not only the installation and training of all future upgrades within our existing products but also all future land records systems and modules used in the recording process. We ensure that every office will be best prepared to utilize software upgrades and modular releases from Fidlar.



“I’ve found it advantageous to be a Fidlar Lifecycle partner. When we upgraded to AVID, an entirely new recording system for the office, we didn’t have to pay any additional fees, other than hardware. I’m happy that we’re able to acquire new software programs at a predictable cost with the Lifecycle arrangement. We’ve been all around pleased by it.” – Amy Bissell, Benzie County Register of Deeds