The Michigan Fidlar eByte – May 2018

Ingham County finds value in Paperless Recording


  • Fidlar provides office-to-office integration
  • Automated tasks for the ROD
  • Paperless Recording = reduced manual processing
  • Reduces processing for additional workload


Fidlar is pleased to offer products and services that assist with increasing recording efficiency, data integrity, and accuracy within the Register of Deeds Office. In conjunction with BS & A, Fidlar created an integration module called Paperless Recording. The module allows the County Treasurer’s Office to export documents from the delinquent tax program of BS & A and electronically record them with the Register of Deeds office.

The Paperless Recording module within Fidlar’s AVID Land Records Management System will receive from the Treasurer’s office; Signature Date, Party Names, Parcel ID #, Amount for taxes, and Document # from original redemptions. AVID will then automatically assign document numbers, dates, apply the document stamp and return that data electronically to the Treasurer’s Office without any human intervention. At this point the documents are ‘officially recorded’ and can be placed into a verification queue for additional indexing of items such as section, township, range, legal descriptions, etc.

Paperless Recording is large time saver and crucial to managing the large workflow influxes that result from annual property tax processing. Since offices such as the Treasurer’s Office have large amounts of documentation in need of recording by the Register within a specific timeframe, Paperless Recording will reduce the processing time to handle a document count that is it excessive to the typical workflow of the Register of Deeds Office.



We’ve been very pleased with the Paperless Recording component that Fidlar developed. It serves a unique purpose that saves us a huge amount of time since it automates what would traditionally be a manual process and reduces the spike in our springtime workload when it comes to tax forfeitures. Fidlar definitely knows the ins and outs of the Register of Deeds Office, Paperless Recording proves it.” – Derrick Quinney, Ingham County Register of Deeds