We are pleased to announce that the White County Recorder’s Office has recently made the transition to our land records management system, AVID, Powered by iNSPECT. Recorder Bruce Lambert was interested in updating the technology in their office and with AVID they will be better prepared to execute eRecordings, reduce paper shuffle and improve the efficiency and integrity of White County’s recording process.


White County also decided to integrate the assisted-indexing feature, iNSPECT, which identifies key index information and presents it to the user. The process of indexing is advanced with the addition of touchscreen functionality, users now interact with documents in a completely new fashion. The intelligence of iNSPECT works to diminish the possibilities for human error, all the while increasing the integrity of the data in process. With iNSPECT, White County will take their office and the Official Public Record into the future.



“Things went flawlessly for us on our first day with AVID. The first transaction we processed had 145 Sewer Liens. It was impressive to see it handle such a big task, right out of the gate. Having our Project Manager Lauren Davis in the office was a great help – we were very happy with the outcome!” – Bruce Lambert, White County Recorder