The Ohio Fidlar eByte – October 2018

Geauga County Proudly Offers Property Fraud Alert

  • PFA increases awareness of Recorder’s Office
  • Data hacks continue to target property-owner data
  • PFA service provided to constituent free of charge
  • Fidlar provides material to assist with service promotion

Fidlar is pleased to offer Community Outreach programs that increase the services made available to constituents by the Recorder’s Office. Property Fraud Alert (PFA) is a proactive service that gives property owners an advantageous position against fraudsters. Whenever there is recording activity associated with their name, whether it be a fraudulent deed, a lien on their property, or a legitimate document – PFA provides prompt notification to the subscriber. This notification provides the lawful owner the opportunity to take the appropriate action if necessary.

PFA provides an invaluable service that serves an essential purpose to property owners. Major data hacks continue to expose property owners’ personal information, property fraud is able to remain prevalent. With PFA, County Partners can offer free protection to the constituent and their most valuable interest, their property.

We want to assist your office with educating the public and informing them of the crucial services the Recorder’s Office provides. When PFA is utilized, partners are provided with the PFA Launch Kit which consists of dynamic promotional tools to assist with promoting the Property Fraud Alert service. The items are designed to raise community awareness and assist with keeping the best interests of PFA subscribers.



“The decision to offer Property Fraud Alert was a proactive move for Geauga County. It is a free service offered through Fidlar and I decided to take advantage of it for our residents. It was actually one of many reasons I chose Fidlar as my software vendor. With PFA, my constituents will be notified immediately of any transactions that involve their property. The best protection against property and mortgage fraud is to be proactive – signing up for Property Fraud Alert will quickly alert you to recording activity on a property.” – Sharon C. Gingerich, Geauga County Recorder