The Missouri Fidlar eByte – February 2019

  • Fidlar to launch APEX vitals package in 2019 [New vitals solution for the ROD office for the handling and management of vital records]
  • APEX software developed internally [Synergistic vitals product designed to advance data integrity as it is received by ROD office]
  • Provide services to the younger growing generations [Optional features within the package promotes the ROD Office with branding opportunities]

Fidlar’s past, present, and future efforts are dedicated to the advancement of the Recorder of Deeds Office. We continue developing services, tools and resource to further improve services delivered to the constituent. 2019 will see the release of Fidlar’s new vitals package, APEX. The APEX solution will greatly increase the Register of Deeds Office’s ability to handle vital records while providing a user experience that is easy and intuitive which will appease the general public.

Built from the ground up, APEX has been designed internally by our Development Team. With its development, a workflow that brings data integrity to the forefront was established. With an APEX implementation, the primary task of data entry is performed by the constituent giving their information and verifying its validity. This reduces the time and effort on the ROD side to process the same data.

Through its dynamic build, APEX’s appearance can be uniquely customized to enhance the brand of your office onto the service provided therein. The APEX offering will be yet another public service for ROD office to provide to the public. This presents another opportunity for the general public to recognize the essential vitality of the ROD office and services it provides.

“For ten years we have used Fidlar’s AVID management system to process land records in Franklin County. To have a solution that handles vital records in a manner similar to AVID will be great. Fidlar has proven themselves more than capable when it comes to providing tools that help and even advance the Recorder of Deeds Office. With the APEX vitals package, we will advance the service we provide to constituents even further.” – Jennifer Metcalf, Franklin County Recorder of Deeds